Posh Baby Shops Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a reciprocal link?
  2. Where can I get the links & banners?
  3. I am getting errors when I a try to add my banner or site
  4. I get an error stating the username is already taken
  5. I just signed up for the site, why doesn't my site appear?
  6. My site was listed and now it is gone
  7. How do I become a Featured Shop
  8. What is A Banner URL? How Do I Add My Banner?
  9. Do I have to pay to join?
  10. I changed my banner. Can you update it?
  11. How Do I contact you?

What is a reciprocal link?

A reciprocal link is where you place the poshbabyshops.com link on your site. As a member you will be given a special voting URL/Banner link that you place on your site. What ever page you place that banner/link on, is your reciprocal link. You will want to list at least one page URL in your account info as your reciprocal link. This gives us an easy way to check that you have a voting banner in place or if you are having problems with it, we know quickly where to look. Since many sites have hundreds of pages, we need a specific exact page. Please do not use your home page as your reciprocal link unless, when we visit your home page, we can see the poshbabyshops.com link there. 

Where can I get the links & banners?

You will get your linking code and the changing rank banner code in your welcome email after you have signed up {and confirmed your email if requested}. You can also find more links, banners and your voting code at the banner farm by logging into your account and choosing "Get links and banners" in the drop down menu.  If there is a specific banner size you are looking for, you can suggest it using the form below.

I am getting errors when I a try to add my banner or site

Banner Errors Reason 1) Incorrect Banner URL: One of the most common reasons that there is a banner error is because you may not be adding the actual banner URL. The banner URL is the location of where it is stored on your server, not on your computer. It will look something like this: http://www.yourwebsite.com/images/banner.gif. Notice it starts with http:// and ends with .gif. Make sure you are adding the http:// part and that there is a .gif, .jpg, or .png extension at the end of the URL (indicating a graphic file).

Banner Errors Reason 2) Banner Dimensions Or Size Too Large: The maximum banner height and width is 125 px. The maximum file size is set high enough to allow for most banners (rotated as well). Make sure you aren't entering a 468x60 banner. There may be 468x60 size banners for that "Add Your Site" spots but that size is not the size used for member banners. 125x125 only and we ask that you keep the file size to under 30,000 bytes. 

If you are adding a 125x125 banner and your banner URL is correct (meaning when you enter it into a browser address box, like you are typing in a web address, it shows up) please email us the banner URL (using the form at the end of this page) and we will check it. You can still add your site, with out the banner, in the mean time and add the voting html to your site to start getting votes.

URL Error Reason: If your website URL is causing errors, as with the banner URL, make sure you are adding the http:// part of the URL. Your website URL is not: mywebsite.com. Your website URL is: http://www.mywebsite.com

I get an error stating the username is already taken

It probably is taken! Try logging in with your information, possibly you have signed up previously or the browser submitting your information twice on sign up (which would give you this error). You may need to choose a different username.

I just signed up for the site, why doesn't my site appear?

The list re-ranks every 60 mins and at that time will introduce any new sites into the list. So, if you just joined, it may take up to 60 mins to appear. Also, you have to have a minimum number of unique hits in to be ranked. Meaning at least 3 different visitors will need to click on your banner before your site is visible. This is to improve the traffic exchange for productive sites and to help minimize cheating. That way, a site owner that clicks oh his/her banner 100 times, doesn't automatically climb to #1 superficially! So, you will want to install your ranking code onto your site, in a high traffic area as quickly as possible to start getting votes/hits in.

My site was listed and now it is gone

The first thing to do if you site is missing and you haven't received an email from PoshBabyShops.Com is to log in and view your stats, if you are able to do so. The list resets back to zero from time to time. If there was a site reset recently, it means that the list has been reset to zero and is starting fresh. So, yours and all the other sites start over and will appear on the list again once you get the minimum number of required hits. This is done to give new sites a chance to catch up and also to remove any stale sites from the list. In this case, your site was not removed, you just have not had any unique visitors click on the ranking banner on your site yet.

Please review the rules on the sign up page to make sure your site wasn't breaking any of the rules and got suspended! Like if your site is another top list, not an e-commerce site (doesn't actually sell anything) You will want to also make sure that you have added a correct reciprocal link in your account information. Accounts are reviewed and if we visit that link and can't find our link back (the reciprocal link) than your account will be suspended. You must display the linking banner on your site to qualify and you must provide one page for us to view it on easily, which is why you are asked where our banner is.

How do I become a Featured Shop

To qualify to be a featured shop, your site must be in the top 25. If your site is not in the top 25 you may want to consider where the ranking banner is located and/or adding some additional links found by logging into your account and choosing, "Get Links & Banners," in the drop down menu. If you have several pages of links, you may want to move it to the first page or placing the banner on your home page will increase your hits.

What is A Banner URL? How Do I Add My Banner?

A banner URL is the particular images web address. Meaning, the location of your banner where it has been UPLOADED to your server (your website).  If you already have your banner added to a web page, an easy way to grab the banner URL is to right click on it and view it's properties (Address/URL). Generally images are uploaded into an images folder so a common URL will look like this: http://www.yourwebsite.com/images/125banner.gif

You add your banner by entering the URL into the form. You will not be uploading it from your computer. You will need to have your banner already uploaded. The program will grab your banner from your site. 

Do I Have To Pay To Join?

Nope! This is a free list to join. You do however have to place a voting code or the voting banner on your site, however, to get your site on the list! If you don't want to add anything to your site, then you can become an advertiser and your banner will appear down the right side of the site with the other sponsor banners with out placing anything on your site.

I changed my banner. Can you update it?

Posh Baby Shops is a free & automated program. Meaning you are given account access to create, update and maintain your account thus keeping admin costs down as well. Please take advantage of this self-serve program and keep in mind that you are responsible for maintaining your account. If you are having problems that aren't covered on this FAQ, than please by all means use the form below to contact for help but if it is to change something in your account, like change your banner, title, description or coupon code, you should be able to do so by logging into the member section and choosing the appropriate option from the drop down menu.

How Do I Contact You?

If you have any additional questions that are not answered above, please use the form below for help or other questions/comments. 

Contact Posh Baby Shops

Please first read over the FAQ's above for quick answers to our most common questions. Email us at sales(removethis and spaces around the dot)@poshbabyshops . com for questions not covered above. IMPORTANT!! If you encountered an error of any sort, please make sure to copy and paste that error into an email. 

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